Puja went back to work today. We thought we had a pretty good plan for the morning and we almost executed it -- maybe just about 15 minutes late. Thanks to Akshra, or rather no thanks to her. She has consistently refused sleep lately. The infant literally stays awake for over 14 hours a day. She should ideally be sleeping about 15-16 hours. However, nothing ideal works for the kids. They are all different and your best laid plans our often put to rest at their feet.

In any case, we heltered and skeltered to get Puja and baby out headed for the office at 8.30 am today. Puja is keeping the baby at her employer's day care for the month of January. It is actually not as good as it sounds. This requires her to carry a ton of stuff along with the baby to her work and having to leave promptly at 5.00 pm. She will also try to meet and feed her at lunch time.