Yes, finally couldn't resist the $800 off from Best Buy on a 50" Panasonic. Not the best in the World but good enough for the price. However, it was a nightmare getting it home. First, it won't fit in the car vertically and cannot lay the sucker down. We had to open the box and tilt it on one of the back seats while laying the other one flat. It was quite an adventure. Getting it inside the apartment from downstairs was an even more challenging task. Sheru and I finally managed to get it in.

However, much to our chagrin the piece was defective. We got a rainbow band every once in a while toward the left edge of the screen. After trying for over a day we finally decided to return it on Sunday. Thankfully Best Buy had another piece in stock and we took it with the pedestal downstairs and into the car. I couldn't believe we had to repeat the whole nightmare. However, we somehow managed to get it back. It's been running well since yesterday so far. Let's see how it goes. Hopefully better luck this time.