Why does every haircut force me to become the reluctant model for some failed painter who took to scissors when the paint brush finally revolted? I have no hair on my head and to make things simpler all I ask a barber to do is to take the #3 machine and roll it all over my head until there is nothing left to pick up. Now, this has a strange unwanted consequence. There almost seems to be a zeal in the barbers to justify the $20 price and they tend to do too much. Since there isn't much you can do with a #3 machine, they try to linger for minutes behind the ears and then spend what seems like an eternity sitting in that terrible, dirty chair surrounded in hair-product smell at the forhead. At the forhead! What is there to do? There is no hair! They try to make it neat. They try various things until they get it just right. While their pursuit for perfection is touching -- why do it when there isn't anything to do?