When I woke up around 6.00 am the first thing I did was to switch the computer on and let Aperture continue building its previews. After building the remaining thumbnails for the 11k photos it went on to 'process' previews and the sluggishness of it put the thumbnail previews to shame. It took over 5 hours to build all previews. It was somewhat faster after that but not merely enough.

== 4.00 p.m. ==

Printing support is decent but not as good as Adobe Lightroom. Of course it is much better than iPhoto which is pretty much useless. The options are just not there to do enough margins. Presets are fine but they don't store printer settings which makes them sort of useless because you also have to select the printer settings again and again.

Biggst drawback of all is the adjustments area. You don't get to store an adjustment preset that spans across adjustment settings. So if you always sharpen and much with vibrance you need to adjust the image twice. Sort of lame.