Casino Royale

This low flying Bond is your average beer guzzling guy rather than a savvy martini sipping secret agent. Daniel Craig with his scraggy construction worker looks and oddly blond hair and recently buffed-up body is a different 007. In fact he is so heavy that between the James Bond and Ethan Hunt scale he is almost fully tilted to the right. The film is big with large actions scenes intercepted by awful card playing scenes that aim to attract the brainless sloth out there that spends sunny Sunday afternoons watching poker on TV.

Eva Green is certainly a different Bond girl as well. This Bond while flaunting lack of emotions is actually more a slave to them than probably anyone before him. His whole deal with Green is actually quite cloying and again shows how different this film is and specially how different this Bond is. While Green is quite good the whole affair just pulls the film down and out.

In general the film is fun to watch. It clearly marks the end of the Bond franchise as you know it.