The Prestige

This is the first film we braved after having a baby about 6 weeks ago. It was the right time and the fact that Christopher Nolan made this that probably convinced us to go. We were still hoping that Memento did not end where Batman began. While this is no Memento, it is certainly better than the Hollywoody Batman.

In Bale and Jackman, Nolan finds two interesting actors that are worth watching even if the stakes were not as high. However, in The Prestige, the personal sakes are indeed very high. So high that the Jackman's Algiers actually has to touch base with the real life Nikola Tesla. Both characters, Algiers and Borden do well as turn of the century rival illusianists. One of the few films where passion almost drips off screen.

However, unlike Memento, which is still mostly an unresolved mystery, The Prestige almost goes out of its way to demystify. That tends to happen when you work with a big budget and big actors.

While the cast is fabulous with Michael Kane and even David Bowie doing a cameo as the elusive Tesla, Scarlet Johansson is terribly miscast. She neither has the screen presence for this period piece nor the age. Her teenage moodiness and lost prozac looks are completely out of place. Moreover her character (or lack thereof) is generally uncooked and untidy -- possibly the weakest piece of this otherwise well rounded film where everything seems to fit correctly.