Sukhadia's Gokul

This newly opened restaurant is another one of those Indian places that has a hugely promising menu and a greatly disappointing food. The food which is OK actually seems much worse because of the lost potential. Desperately trying to be the kind of chat houses you would find in Delhi or Mumbai, this place has everything on the menu: pani puri, sev puri, samosa chat, kachori chat, pav bhaji, vada pav, usal pav and so on. However, everything tastes more or less the same with way too much sweet chutney. The pav bhaji is actually quite good.

The service is good and quick. The decor is as tacky as you can possibly image. Probably because it has just opened you can use the bathroom without getting grossed out. They play very loud music from the 70s, a mix of Hindi and English that can prevent you from thinking let alone having a conversation.

Still recommended for vegetarians who must have some of the items on the menu and don't care to be particular about it.

17 West 45th St

New York, NY 10018