Brick Lane Curry House

This restaurant has the perfect setup and the worst execution. A good seating plan with uncomfortable chairs, a great menu that ends up in very poor dishes and very friendly staff -- if you can find anyone.

Brick Lane Curry House could have been a contender if it just took a look at itself in the mirror and had the courage to acknowledge what it saw.

I still recommend this for vegetarians. There is a plenty of food and if you can order it properly you can actually come out satisfied. Beware of the americanized giant cauliflower and zucchini pieces that seems to have become the de-facto standard of wannabe Indian "bistros" around town. The food is hot without being spicy. Chillies are used for a short-term goal without the concept of a flavor in mind.

06 E 6th St

New York. Between 1st and 2nd Avenue's, NY 10003

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