So here is a list of iPhoto Annoyances that make the program very hard to use. Some of them might just be because I am coming from a much richer and overall better program than iPhoto -- Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0.

1. Trash Management. Very difficult to deal with deleted images. You cannot go into Trash and copy these to separate folders or anything. You cannot rank them or create a trash album. The only thing you can really do is restore them to the library in which case you have no way to identify them there that they were in trash and you want to do specific stuff (such as take a backup) with them.

2. No ability to import only some songs from the camera. Got to go with all and add this to the one above and it makes very hard to get rid on unwanted pictures.

3. Abysmal keyword\tag management. Impossibly hard to manage and assign keywords.

4. The import process does not import tags attached to, get this, portrait images.