Mark Knopfler\EmmyLou Harris

This was one of the most disappointing concerts I've seen. Everything seemed wrong. The pairing of the two otherwise brilliant artists, the music, the volume, the rhythm, the song selection. It was just poor. They've done great disservice to themselves. I remember the Mark Knopfler concert around the same time last year and it was brilliant. This in comparison was just hard to sit through. Moreover, there was no opening act and they sang for barely an hour and a half and took breaks in between and then had to be coaxed by the crowd to sing some more. The crowd other than that had no energy other.

I've grown up on the songs of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler and this was truly a letdown. I felt cheated in so many different ways.

I was reminded of Kuleen Bharadwaj though. A friend I lost contact with years ago but who did sort of introduce me to the music of Dire Straits. I sang praises of it and I never listened to them or him until much later.