Good Night, and Good Luck

Finally, after waiting for months, I got around to seeing Good Night, and Good Luck. I was immediately impressed by the deep focus Black and White cinematography the Jazz and the generally smoky ambiance of the film.

This is a snapshot (and it truly is that) of the reporter Edward R. Murrow's episodic scuffle with Senator Joe McCarthy. Murrow 'took-on' McCarthy unprovoked and was actually very successful in fending the Senator off.

The film is brief and a treat to watch. However, sometimes its the brevity rather than content that acts in its favor. The film is also overrated in the sense its shortcomings are many and since it is easy to lose them in the brevity, it still works well. Downey Jrs. character is a filler and so are some others. We get to see nothing of Murrow as a person at all. So it is clearly not a biopic and hence the name -- that hails Murrow's most famous lines -- is a bit of an overstatement.

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