Saptakshara by Vikku Vinayakram

The new Time Warner building overlooking the south central park, the Columbus circle and the 58th street has an amazing little theatre with an all-glass wall which the audience face and a little stage has been set just by the wall so that the artists face the audience with their back toward an amazing nigh-view.

This small theatre (Allen Ball room at Lincoln Center) seemed the perfect setting for some amazing music by Vikku and his septet of south-Indian percussionists. The sound quality and the performances were so good it was hard to believe your ears. The instruments (Ghatam, Mridangam, Morsing, Gith and Kanjeera) were unbelievably versatile and melodic. Even the classical vocals were very impressive. Vikku was going crazy on the ghatam and his 3 sons on ghatam, kanjeera and vocals were routinely getting blessed by an obviously proud father.

This was one of the finest concerts we could have attended at that hour specially (10.-11.30 pm) and we were glad we bought the tickets at the last minute on the box office.