The Idiot (Part 1)

The audiobook I am listening to now is The Idiot by Fyodor Doesoevsky. It is a long book. Nine parts in total over 24 hours. I finished part 1 yesterday. Very impressed already. The book, like all books in that era, has a lot of general stuff that is not very interesting but the plot elements and specially the theme are quite remarkable. After Crime and Punishment, I have newfound respect for Russian authors. I recently read that Doestoevsky's "The possessed" is one of the first and most amazing accounts of a terrorist! I got excited about that and want to read it someday. Long projects these though. I guess audiobooks make it easier. Though they are long and one really has to concentrate as one can't 're-read' a page as one can in a book. I mean I can go back but it is cumbersome at best.