Bertucci's (pick up)

Bertucci's is one of our all time favorite restaurants. This Italian place serves some of the best Pizza and pasta. The dinner rolls and Salads are amazing too. The service can vary from excellent to terrible, though. What would one expect in Jersey City anyway. The Edison outlet tends to be much more consistent in service.

Anyway, we have begun picking up food from them these days. I order before I enter the Path train in Manhattan and I come out at Newport in about 15 minutes, pick the food up, which is usually ready by then, and head home. The experience is generally very good. Though the usually cut on dinner rolls and did not serve pasta with Eggplant Parm as they usually do. One wonders if there ever will be a restuarant where the wait staff will be consistently good. Where there almost isn't a guarantee of at least one screw-up every time.

Jersey City, Newport

Washington Blvd