War of the Worlds

One wonders why Spielberg did this film. One wonders even more why Tom Cruise did this film. There is nothing for either of them in the film -- of maybe there is something for Spielberg but practically nothing for Tom Cruise. Anyway, this Hollywood, big-budget telling of H.G. Wells's 1896 story 'War of the Worlds' is a spectacular extravaganza of special effects and such. The earth has been attacked by aliens and they want to exterminate humans. The film is actually interesting at points and the fear in people seems real. However, at the end, the film is rushed and ends before you get to know what is actually happening. True, Wells's unique ending leaves Spielberg at a loss. No big superheros or the president in a fighter jet can save you here. Something much more lethal and yet simple should bring their demise. Very interesting premise that Spielberg does justice to until the very end where the film just doesn't know what to do and simply fails much like the aliens did.