Puja really likes the idea of this restaurant. It reminds her of the big and good restaurants we used to go to back home in Indore, India. However, she regrets it everytime she goes there. They always seat us in the most uncomfortable of spots claiming we don't have a reservation while there are several perfectly decent empty tables all around. The food is the usual saltless, medium spicy, oily stuff that you get elsewhere. We still like going here for the ambiance that others seem to enjoy and it does make you feel like you went to a nice place. It is quite far from where we live and we recommend making reservations if you want to sit in a proper place.

The achari aloo and lassi are good and the naans are warm and fresh. The rest is indistinguishable from anywhere else. Seems like Hyderabadi or Bagare baigan is becoming the new cool thing that everyone wants to serve these days. It isn't that good here. It doesn't come even close to Bay Leaf in midtown.

Oak Tree Road

Edison, NJ