The desktop becomes unusable every day. Slower and slower and buggier and buggier. I am not sure what is going on. I have anti-viras, firewall, anti-spyware all going full blaze. I guess I just need anti-windows now. Speaking of which, we were at the short-hills mall yesterday and happened to pass by the Apple store and saw the new iMac which I am supposed to be receiving in the 2nd week of Feb. Well, there wasn't too much to see. It's the same as the old iMac and the apps seem to be running OK on it. However, it didn't feel very fast. In fact, it felt a bit sluggish. I am not sure what kind of Ram they had on the showroom machine but it was a big disappointing. Also, the white space below the screen is a but much. But I just noticed the space below my monitor's screen and it is a bit too much if you consider the fact that the iMac has the whole damn computer in it as well.

Which leads me to the other issue I have. I know I need my windows PC even after I get the iMac but I am not so sure what to do with the monitor. I cost me over $800 and it works great. I don't even know where I am going to keep my CPU at this point. I can presumably access it via remote desktop so technically I don't need this monitor so I guess I can sell it for dirt cheap and use the money to buy RAM for the iMac.