Bella Napoli

This quaint (isn't everything 'quaint' these days?) little place on Madison still has one of the finest Pizzas by the slice I have ever tasted. Their Marinara -- the cheeseless pizza -- has the tastiest crusty base you can ever find. However, the place still has the same old issues. I ordered two slices -- a veggie and a marinara and a soda -- it was over 8 dollars. I find that just unacceptable. Manhattan is just two expensive and becoming more so by the day. The place feels so expensive because they are charging this just for food and not the interior. There -- I said it. We are ready to pay whatever they want in an upclass restaurant with the nicest tablecloth and the pretty waitresses but with tasteless, odd food. However, a dingy little place with terrific food charging a lot is unacceptable. Do we pay for the food or the tablecloth?