Participated in the 2nd Newport 10K race. It was generally a disaster in several ways. Some more than others. I completed the race in about 70 minutes. I fell down and tore my right knee, cramped my left foot and ended up with blisters on my left palm as it got terribly scratched in the fall. Not cool. The run was already bad before it got worse. First 3 miles in 29 minutes and I was feeling pretty good to better my last year's time of 62 minutes. However, by the 5th mile, I was already up to 55 minutes with a terrible ache in the back and general fatigue. Not sure what the deal was but it wasn't fun.

However, as I am sitting here and typing this, I feel OK, though in pain. I feel that it is OK I did this and I feel it is generally fun. The human body needs to get knocked around once in a while so that it doesn't forget to know how to heal itself.

Next year will be better.