Indigo Girls Concert

Indigo Girls Concert

Radio City Music Hall

New York City

It was almost too good to be true. A musical duo who’s music I have enjoyed for over 10 years and in the most intimate of ways should be playing there right in front of me in the amazing Radio City Music Hall in New York City. For a kid from Indore, this was really a special moment.

The Girls did not disappoint. Starting from the big sound of “Tether” from their new album “All that we let in” to “Galileo” from their masterpiece album “Rites of Passage” the show was an incredible evening of music and nostalgia. The two girls have a very well-defined chemistry. Emily Saliers is a brunette, is the big sounding girl and wears the hotpants, who rocks and does her own thing. Amy Ray is the sweet sounding blond who wears the comfort fit jeans and a homely shirt and works her magic on the acoustic guitar. Together they are as perfect a musical pair as one could imagine. And the girls could rock – they produced some really heavy music on songs like “Go” and the politically charged “Faye Tucker”. Radio City is a big auditorium and it was quite amazing to see almost all the people standing up and singing word by word of songs like “Power of 2”, “Closer I am to Fine” and “Galileo”. It was also good to know that it is not just you who enjoys the songs their implicit poetry and the power of music to move your soul.

Of course I kept hoping they would play “Ghost” or “Virginia Wolf” but apparently these songs are not as popular as some of their other songs. They played a lot from their album: a really good one after a long long time.

Overall, it was one of those moments that leave an imprint forever.