One Long Weekend...

To add some more details,
yes, it was a very eventful long weekend.

Friday the 13th:
Failed attempt to pick up Ravindra and Tulika from Islip. They finally made it home by 11:00pm. Dinner and gossip till 1:00am.

Saturday the 14th:
Ravindra, Tulika & Anurag off to the gym in the morning. I was off to my flying lesson.
Ravindra got us ladies roses on Valentine's day, how sweet...
Anurag got us a nice looking shrub!
Bobby's baby shower starts at noon (12:00pm). The guys head out to Sheru's appartment and the ladies stay at our place. Lots of fun and games till the food arrives (about 2 hours late). Food and drinks(some soft ) till the guys have to enter a modeling(Ops not to cunfuse it with clothes modeling) contest. Anurag and company made a very sturdy baby. Ravindra and company made a baby with a lot of gas! Sheru didn't get to play, because he already made a baby. And there were other clay babies that had some interesting shapes!
Dinner time, Sheru's family came over and we played a few hands of 'UNO' (keep on guessing!) with some wine on the side. Till the next day as I recall...

Sunday the 15th :
Wake up, have breakfast, Ravindra, Tulike and Anurag off to the Gym, I am off to my flying lessons. Shika decides to study for a bit. We don't know what the Chowdhary's were up to.
Come afternoon, we decide to head for Atlantic city. The fine ladies were in one car and the guys were following in the other.
Atlantic city looked promising when we first got there, till we actually started loosing on the slot machines and also we couldn't find a reasonable table for Black Jack. Dinner was at this really sophisticated restuarant where most of us had a small portion of the small flavour-lacking serving! Well we decided to try our luck again at some gambling, and Anurag sure did win some! I am so proud of you honey!
Reached home at about 2am.

Monday the 16th:
Got up at 6:30am and tried waking Ravindra and Tulika. Finally we three were ready to go Flying over the hundson and get a good view of the lady (Statue of liberty).
We took off at about 9am from Teterboro, NJ and flew over the Hudson from Tapanzee bridge to the Verazzano bridge, doing a 360 about the lady and also a 360 about the Intrepid museum where the concord sits. Needless to say I had a lot of fun and Ravindra and Tulika did not complain about the flight and that is a big plus for me!
Back home by 11:30am with some Chalupas from Taco Bell. We left at about 1pm to go to Islip to drop Ravindra and Tulika, Sheru decided to come along(Bobby put this on his to do list! :))
Reached Islip at about 3:30pm. Bid adieu to another exciting weekend with them. Then we went to Stoney Brook to drop some stuff and pick up Shika. Picked up Bobby from the city and reached home by 8pm.

Hence the very long weekend comes to a full stop and the memories live on... It was fun, lots of fun!

Tuesday the 17th -- back to same old work.......