One Hour Photo

One Hour Photo is an interesting slow probing look into the life of a hopelessly lonely mediocre man whose life is lived so vicariously that he may actually not even exist. And maybe he does not. Until the only thing he holds on to -- his job at the photo lab in a department store -- seems to give him a reason to survive.

Shot in amazing bright colors with an abundance of shades of blue, red and yellow, Mr. Romanek famous for directing videos does his second movie after 18 years after 'Static' -- another meandering portrait of a lonely obsessive man. He uses the brightness of Mr. Williams’ customers’ photos to juxtapose the contrasting and often confronting darkness in Mr. William’s own world. And Robin Williams continuing his onscreen revival, focusing on eradicating his reptilian image, does a very good and convincing job as Sy Parrish.

In general, Mr. Romanek, in an hour and a half, generally succeeds in developing for us a saturated yet detached look at a wasted life.