The Matrix Reloaded

'If you want to know someone, you have to fight them' proclaims a guard protecting the Oracle. I guess I have to conclude that either I did not fight enough or I fought too much  -- this picture that was so Matrix part II for me.

The Wachowski brothers directed one of the most culturally influential film of the unreal late 90s about unrealism. They have come back to give us an unrealistic movie in a world becoming more unreal than ever.

Neo, our hero, has become so much more powerful and detached that he is unbearably boring. Morepheus, our coach, has has become so weak that he is unwatchable. New villians are temporally French but equally ineffective. Willowy Monica Bellucci is old and wasted while Karie Ann Moss is emaciated and wasted.

Video game special effects are soulless and usual. The much touted chase is excellent and out of place. The proverbial cake though, is taken by the lost world Zion -- a dark place where people seem to be having more fun than being oppressed by a mechanical enemy.

The twist in the tale is just that -- a twist. Unfortunately a twist too late is its fate.