Platoon is supposed to be based on some of Oliver Stone's own experience in Viet Nam or maybe it is based on Mr. Stone's own viewing of other Vite Nam movies like Apocalypse Now.

Unfortunately, the movie does not offer a lot to the viewer. It does stress on the fact that most american soldiers were poor bunch of losers and druggies who came to fight not for their country or freedom or any such thing. It was more an escape from the punishing everyday life of hard work.

Tom Berenger is excellent as Sgt. Barnes who has Kurtzian shades in his character. Stone, however, consciously makes sure to not let that go very far. Willem Dafoe is very great as usual as Sgt. Elias who inspires young Sheen to be moral.

However, the movie's poor on dialogue. There isn't much of it to begin with. Gunshots overshadow the music and the nothing to write about cinematography.

It is nonetheless an interesting film to watch and keeps you with the platoon. Once its over you are ready to desert it just as if you were a part of it.