French Connection

New York City of the early 70s. This film is about a large consignment of drugs that has ended up in New York from the shores of France but know one knows where it is. After a lot of violence and some smart and some not so smart surveillance work we finally are treated with some decent insights.

William Friedkin directs this explosive thriller, often imitated, sometimes successfully, since then in almost every police drama. Nominated for 8 and winner of 5 Oscars including the best actor, director and picture, French Connection is often heralded as one of the best police action movies. It is fast, smart and has some of the best chase scenes every filmed.

Gene Hackman plays probably the most memorable role of his movie career. Roy Scheider is subdued and plays a good supporting role. There is good chemistry between the two that is almost too predictable now. The villain, couldn’t catch his name, is excellent and almost steals Popeye’s thunder but now quite.

Another example of a 70s thriller, very straight forward about its goals and not diluting the thrill with moral or ethical interrogation. A must see.