Rush Hour 2

This movie is about two cops investigating the bombing of US embassy in Hong Kong. Their attempts bring them to LA and then to Las Vegas where the finally find the forces of evil printing fake currency.

Rush Hour 2 deals with you in fake currency too. It is one of the weakest sequels to a weak movie you will ever find. Low on funny, low on effects, this movie wants to make you laugh just because it has Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in it. It wants to make you laugh because the first one was funny. In the name of funny, all it has is some stale, repetitive racial jokes.

The only actor who does not sleep walk through this one is Ziyi Zhang, the young brat from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. She fights with a lot of energy and is fun to watch. However, I think she will have to do something different if she wants to continue to be likable.