Jersey Shore

So our long awaited trip of the Jersey Shore was not quite the grand success we were waiting for. Parts of it were fun but it was mostly a hot humid car drive.

I will only mention the part that was extraordinary. Parasailing. Yes, we finally did it. Puja has been wanting to do this for some years now. I was too scared to allow it. But this time I was ok with it.

We did this in Ocean City, NJ. It was in the Atlantic Ocean. So this is what happens -- They take you on a boat some way in the ocean. Then they make you wear this nylon gear that grabs your feet and chest. They blow a big balloon -- like a parachute at the stern of the boat. The balloon is tied to a rope dispenser attached to the boat. You are attached to the balloon by a rod that is attached to the nylon gear by metal clips.

Soon they make you sit on the flat surface on the stern. The rope disepenser dispenses the rope and the boat moves ahead fast. So the air is filled in the balloon. The balloon starts to move up -- and there you go -- up in the air. You rise slowly but surely and it is quite an experience when you go up.

So once you are up -- in the middle of nowhere -- with ocean all around you and nothing else -- it is quite an experience. Very peaceful. Very quite. Contrary to popular belief. It is pretty good.

You are about 350 to 500 feet above the water. The boat that brought you in looks small and unimportant. So does pretty much everything else.

The guys on the boat can take snaps at extra cost. We opted for it and the snaps will be available on the website by the next weekend.