Bombay Boys

I have had my share of bad movies concocted by ludicrous direction and pathetic acting. This one is definitely one of the prominent representatives of that variety.

Inspired by dark grotesque American Indie movie storyline, this picture is not only hard to watch, it is terribly taxing on the ears as well. Don't get fooled by its outside appearance as an incisive black comedy. It is a complete failure in almost all aspects of film making. Worst acting, no editing, contrived direction and utter lack of connection with reality.

I think the intention was to create a culturally conscious movie. A movie that tries to show the dark side of India to unsuspecting Indians coming to India for the first time from foreign countries. With a more sincere effort, better acting and attentian to details and yes -- editing -- this movie could have been a good addition to the immigration experience genre.

Avoid this movie or watch it if you want to take an education into how NOT to make a movie.