This mind blowing, thaught provoking picture is about Leonard Shelby -- a man suffering from short term memory loss -- in search of the killer of his wife.

This is one hell of a roller-coaster -- going backwards. Mr. Nolan has created this rocky 'whydoneit' that confuses you, bewilders you, involves you and completely takes over your imagination. This is definitely one of the most important movies to be made in a long long time. An Indy successor to 6th Sense.

Guy Pearce ( LA Confidential ) is Leonard Shelby -- a man trying desperately to deal with his condition as well make sense of life and people around him. Who could he trust, what does he know when he has no recollection of what happened more than a few minutes ago. However, he knows everything about himself upto the incident that kills his wife.

What makes, this most talked about movie, so great is the fact that you have an intense desire to see it again. Because you want to figure out for yourself what really happened. Nobody can really claim to understand what this movie really is at least in first viewing. Mainly because of an important remark made by the protagonist --

'Memory is not truth -- just interpretations.'