Poor Calendar Quality: Yet another reason to ditch Photos for Mac

I generally deeply dislike Photos for Mac but there are some reasons why I still keep using it.

  1. Support for syncing with the native Photos app on the iPhone via iTunes
  2. Built-in support for Calendars and Cards
  3. Just love the idea of having a native desktop app to view photos right on my desktop and not in some cloud accessible only from the browser.

This new years the 2nd reason listed above died. Making cards and calendars was terribly arduous in the new app - but - for more importantly - the calendar came out terrible. It was printed on a much thinner and lower quality paper this year and the photos just look terrible.. They are grainy with very obvious and pronounced luminance and color noise. Last year's calendar in comparison was excellent. I had made that in iPhoto. Not sure this has something to do with Photos or this has to do with Apple just dropping another thing that they don't have a mass market for down the gutter. 

All in all, it is yet another reason to dump Photos.

But - as with a lot of things Apple - there isn't really a viable alternative. Yes, I have tried Shutterfly and several others, they all suck, in one way or another - more than even the crappy calendar I got this year from Photos. 

A lot of options but no real choice - the desktop is a sad place to be. It must be 2017.