Mac Pro Mea Culpa

Apple explained that they could not release an update to the 4-year old shitty Mac Pro because they had ended up with a bad thermal design. They are troubled and bothered and really care for the pro crowd. They have been wrestling with the dilemma to fix the Mac Pro for a long time now but haven't been able to come up with an alternate good design. Just wait for another 2-3 years and we will be ready with another shitty 'innovative' design, different for the sake of being different that will be useful only in marketing ads. 

What a bunch of hogwash. Well - if you realized it was a bad design - why didn't you incrementally update it and kept upgrading it while working on an alternate design? Maybe use some of that $200 billion rotting in the bank. Put it to good use. Hire a few people here and there. 

Oh Apple, your self-righteous damage control may be second only to the truly shitty designs some of your non-iPhone/iPad products have ended up having. 

Wake me up when there is an actual device I can use.