Apple Photos: shared albums lose metadata; cannot drag-and-drop photos

Using Apple Photos is like going back at least a decade. It has been extremely frustrating setting up a simple workflow for my kids to access shared family photos on their laptop. Shared albums are slow to show up, which is ok, but when they do - photos are often duplicated and worse - the photos have no metadata. Kids have no way of knowing where a photo was taken or what caption or keywords I added to them. 

After all this - the kids wanted to make a doc in google docs and paste some family photos in it. Apparently the Photos app makes it extremely hard to do so. You cannot drag and drop from Photos into a browser or even into Apple's own newly updated Notes app - or really to anywhere. Photos has not implemented drag-and-drop feature. I can hardly believe this. 

The only way to get photos out is to go the export to disk route - which is not really how kids want to work with computers these days and moreover, just duplicates photos and takes up disk space. 

Even after its second major update via El Capitan, the Photos app is way behind where it should be.