Princess party?

Week #207/300

Week #207/300

An American ritual. You need to have at least one princess party birthday for every girl you got. We cheated and covered both girls in one. 

There is a lot of backlash about the whole 'princess' phenomenon. Critics worry that treating your daughters like princesses ill-prepares them for a tough life ahead. 

And in this age of equality, if you don't expect your average boy to be called a prince, you shouldn't call your average girl a princess. 

OK, I guess I can get behind that. And every other parenting advice out there. I am sure all of them are true. Or false. Who knows? 

What we can know for sure is that photos make a great memory. And a smile from your kid, princess or not will make you feel like a king (or a queen.)

(-Week #207/300)