Notes on Arcade Fire's Reflektor: Does hipster rock get better than this?

You just have to hear 'Here Comes the  Night Time' to understand how entertaining this music is. 'You want to be righteous, get in the line' - they say - and that is the kind of hipster-chic that they manage to gently mock at. It is nice to see a band not bring their popular charity mission into their music and keep it largely free of any discernible politics. 

Arcade Fire's Reflektor quickly became one of my most played albums of 2013. There is a weird sense of regressive hedonism in this music. The prominent band of hipster conscience has taken a clear, lighter, more entertaining path as a follow-up to their smash hit The Suburbs. Its thematically reminiscent to The Black Keys album 'El Camino' which was similarly an excellent but lighter serving after a rather heavy 'Brothers'

Heavily influenced by Haitian music, Reflektor is mostly jun fun. It never stops to take itself seriously - even when they try to lament a world without music or love in a couple of the songs - they just roll right on - with addictive drums and tunes. 

My top tracks from the album 

  1. Here Comes the Night Time
  2. It's Never Over
  3. Normal Person
  4. Joan of Arc
  5. You Already Know
  6. Reflektor