@RunKeeper: Best app for keeping track of your running

RunKeeper is the best app you will find on the App Store to keep track of your runs. It makes a really good running companion maintaining a good, insightful log of all your runs. If you are preparing for a race - 5k, 10k, half-marathon or a marathon, you should look no further. I've been using it fairly regularly since 2009 and I highly recommend it. I've tried a couple of different apps but found runkeeper to be the best.

It has its usual set of features that you'd expect from any app that has been around in this category for several years. It has a super-nice UI (using the Avenir font that is fast becoming the de-facto standard on iPhone apps.) It can track your run and distance it using GPS. It also supports manual entry for treadmill runs. It features voice audio cues to help you audibly track your pace or distance while running. It allows you to set your goals and then tracks them for you. It can track your weight, report activities and personal "records." It integrates with various food and weight tracking apps out there. It has social features (of course) so that you can post stuff on Facebook and Twitter (seriously, who would care?). You can make friends and track their activities as well.

My favorite feature in RunKeeper is the support for free built-in training programs or schedules for different types of running regimens - 5k, 10k - for beginners to advanced. The programs are nicely done and I find subscribing to one really helps me train and also keeps me focused and motivated.

The only drawback is that it often calculates distance incorrectly. It is not uncommon for it to be off by anywhere from 2 to 10% of your distance - and for longer runs that can be a big deal. I've seen it perform better with an iPhone5 than with a 4S so it probably is an issue with the GPS. However, I wish it asked me about how accurate I thought the distance was and that way they'd automatically get some valuable feedback.

The other complain is that it does not yet integrate with MyFitnessPal, which is my favorite food tracking app. The two together would really make a great pair.

Lately, they've been focused on bringing features previously only available on their website to the phone apps and that is a big relief. Their website is a bit wacky but really who wants to go to a website anyway when one can manage it all on the phone!

Way to go, Runkeeper! Keep up the good work and I will try to keep running!